Clark Quay - Night

May 10, 2011


Stayed in Clarke Quay 'til dinner time. Ordered wrong beverage, the coffee drink was too bitter for me. ugh. Clarke Quay is breezy and calm during day time, but turns very lively and busy at night. The lights across the stream is really beautiful at night. The light across the stream makes really pretty bokeh in photos. I recommend you guys to visit Clarke Quay during night time. There isn't much to do in Clarke Quay during daytime. Most of the cafes and restaurant opens in the afternoon, and it's really quiet during daytime; making you sleepy. hahaha. or is it only me?


  1. your pictures are great! teach me masteerr hehe
    btw what kind of camera did you use? is it toycam?

    1. hahahaha... i'm not a master yettt :'( still need to learn alot about photography...
      for this photos in this post, I used Canon eos 450d... :D


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