Clarke Quay - Day

May 8, 2011

Went to Clarke Quay for a stroll. Sun is shining brightly, such a beautiful day. But since lil sis got her monthly "guest", so she couldn't enjoy much today. She was in a lot of pain, we couldn't walk around much. So we just sat around under the trees and on the bridges. And we ate early dinner in The Coffee Connoisseur. The food was 'okay', it wasn't great, but the view of the river and the lights reflected around made the food tasted better. 


  1. wee you travel aloott. me want too T-T

    1. hahahaha... then you should do it too!!!! :D :D it's really fun to visit new places you've never been to...
      or even if you have, there's always something new to be found

    2. i really wanna go to somewhere in the north europe! it's an amazing place to be when the winter comes~~


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