So Juniwise and I made an itinerary before we flew to Korea. But there's no use anyway, while we were in Korea we practically changed the whole thing due to the comfort we felt being in Hongdae area and definitely because of our budget. So I'll just do a quick recap of what we did or where we went in Korea.

Day 1 - late lunch in Ewha, then evening shopping
Day 2 - Deoksugung Palace
Day 3 - Heyri Art Village in Paju, Bought 'Heartbreaker' CD in Hongdae, searched for YG Ent Office
Day 4 - Bukchon Hanok Village, shopping in Insadong, Cheonggyecheon stream, Kyobo bookstore to find GD's 1st Look Magazine, Ate Cheese Ramyeon
Day 5 - Coffee Prine Cafe, shopping around Hongdae, Yeolbong cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe
Day 6 - Itaewon for lunch, Sangsangmadang, Cafe Comma, met Yeolbong
Day 7 - Church in Yeouido, shopping in Myeongdong, N-Seoul Tower
Day 8 - (I totally forgot about the 8th day, I can't remember at all)
Day 9 - Interview in O-Check Design, Postal office in Hongik Uni, Shop all around Hongdae (again), ate dinner in Yeolbong cafe (We just love this restaurant so much), Camp in front of YG Ent
Day 10 - Home 

Below are a whole lot of photos I took through my iPod and later uploaded to my Instagram account during my trip in Korea. They're not in order, I just gather them up randomly... Enjoy~

Instagrammed Korea

October 27, 2011

Today's itinerary is to shop in Myeongdong area and then head to N-Seoul Tower to see the famous love padlocks, the Teddy Bear Museum and also to see the beauty of Seoul at night time. I might not have said this, but Juniwise and I originally planned to see Korean foliage. But, we planned our trip a little too early, so most of the trees in Seoul was still green. You can see from the photos below, only a few tip of the leaves has starting to turn yellow/orange. But mostly... fresh and green.

We didn't take much photos in Myeongdong area, because we were busy looking around and going in and out the many different shops in that area. Since this post mostly contain photos of the tower, that's why I've entitled this post 'N-Seoul Tower'.

Since Juniwise and I thought the tower wouldn't be far from Myeongdong so we walked. Truthfullly... it really wasn't THAT far. But, after going in and out shops in Myeongdong our legs were too weak to walk. Thankfully the weather was nice, made it a 'wee' bit easier for both of us.

Afterwards, you'll find an elevator that takes you up to where the cable car station is. Since there only one elevator, in busy days it would take quite a while until you get a chance to get inside it. If you can't wait, you can just take the stairs. Then you take the Namsan Cable car. Now this one is a long queue. You just got to be patient standing in line and going up the stairs. After you arrived at the top, you only need to walk a little bit more then you'll see the tower.

The teddy bear museum was cute. But it was small, and the bears only showed history of Korea. Unlike the one in Jeju, where it has different theme and the bears are dressed up as many different historical people and also set in many historical events.

But, I must say... Seoul is even more beautiful in night time. Look out on the windows of the observatory. It has different names of cities of the world and the distance from Seoul to that city written on top of the windows. Maybe you'll find yours? I found Jakarta, Indonesia. It's 5,268.18 KM away from the tower.

N-Seoul Tower

October 25, 2011

Another leisure day for us. We decided to eat burger in the famous 'Smokey Saloon'. Huge burgers and a lot of varieties in the menu choice. If anyone would like to visit it, go to 123-5 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu. It's a little packed around lunchtime, you've got to be patient if you want to get a seat. Then after a delicious lunch, we went back to Hongdae area, to visit Sang Sang Madang. It is an art center, it holds exhibitions, art classes/courses and also has a store on the first floor.

We ended the day by having a drink in Cafe Comma. One of the wall of the cafe has really tall bookshelf and customers could sit and read the book they've chosen; so comfortable. But since my Korean isn't fluent yet, I could only read a children's book entitled 'Morning Kiss'. A story book about getting kiss by mom and dad every morning. So cute. Juniwise on the other hand... gave up on the thought of reading already. Hahaha~

Another chilly and happy day!

Burger, exhibition, books

On our way back to hostel, we met the Yeolbong chicken.
So happy to finally got a photo together with this fat and cute chicken mascot. Weird me.
Take a look at its broken chili; all chopped off! Hahaha


October 24, 2011

Juniwise and I decided to cancel our plan to Nami island, because we were too tired from walking and shopping around Insa-dong. So we finally decided to venture around Hongdae area instead. It was really fun, and Hongdae is definitely my favorite area in South Korea now!

So... First stop is Coffee Prince Cafe which was used as the filming location of the famous drama 'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince' (my all time favorite Korean Drama; Gong Yoo!!!). If you're on slow internet connection, please be ultra patient, this post contains a lot of photos.

I love the way the cafe turns out to be exactly the way it is in the drama. But, I was disappointed to find out that those flowers on the wall are actually papers glued onto the wall. I really thought Go Eun Chan drew it on the wall. /sigh

After sitting around in the Coffee Prince Cafe, we went shopping around Hongdae. Moving from one store to another. Without realizing the sun finally set. We then found the famous Hello Kitty Cafe. But we decided to eat dinner and then eat dessert in the cafe. So, next stop is, Yeolbong restaurant. This is the chicken restaurant owned by one of Hallyu star - Se7en. And yes, I did came here with the hope that I would bump into one of BIGBANG member.

So, anyway, we did not meet Se7en neither any of BIGBANG member. BUT! Yeolbong chicken tastes really good! I would like to recommend this restaurant to anyone planning to visit Seoul; please come and try the delicious cuisine for yourself. It was more delicious because it was the most edible food I had in Korea. I don't eat spicy food and most of Korean food is spicy, so to find Yeolbong chicken amongst all the other Korean spicy food is delighting. Afterwards we went shopping a little more, and then we visited the Hello Kitty Cafe! First impression... PINK is everywhere!

It's definitely a Hello Kitty Cafe, 'cause there's basically Hello Kitty in every corner of this cafe. The latte art on the drinks we ordered was Hello Kitty shape, and even the mirror in the bathroom is Hello Kitty shaped. OH! Almost forgot... the toilet seats are also decorated with Hello Kitty ornaments! It's cute, but definitely not a place I would go every week. There are a lot of other cafes to visit in Hongdae anyway...

After 'hi-jacking' the free wifi in the cafe and checking up on twitter and saying hi to our family members, we then decided to go back to our hostel and rest. Great day around Hongdae, part two is coming! For we spent the next day around Hongdae also. Don't get bored yet!

Inches of Hongdae

October 23, 2011

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