Inches of Hongdae

October 23, 2011

Juniwise and I decided to cancel our plan to Nami island, because we were too tired from walking and shopping around Insa-dong. So we finally decided to venture around Hongdae area instead. It was really fun, and Hongdae is definitely my favorite area in South Korea now!

So... First stop is Coffee Prince Cafe which was used as the filming location of the famous drama 'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince' (my all time favorite Korean Drama; Gong Yoo!!!). If you're on slow internet connection, please be ultra patient, this post contains a lot of photos.

I love the way the cafe turns out to be exactly the way it is in the drama. But, I was disappointed to find out that those flowers on the wall are actually papers glued onto the wall. I really thought Go Eun Chan drew it on the wall. /sigh

After sitting around in the Coffee Prince Cafe, we went shopping around Hongdae. Moving from one store to another. Without realizing the sun finally set. We then found the famous Hello Kitty Cafe. But we decided to eat dinner and then eat dessert in the cafe. So, next stop is, Yeolbong restaurant. This is the chicken restaurant owned by one of Hallyu star - Se7en. And yes, I did came here with the hope that I would bump into one of BIGBANG member.

So, anyway, we did not meet Se7en neither any of BIGBANG member. BUT! Yeolbong chicken tastes really good! I would like to recommend this restaurant to anyone planning to visit Seoul; please come and try the delicious cuisine for yourself. It was more delicious because it was the most edible food I had in Korea. I don't eat spicy food and most of Korean food is spicy, so to find Yeolbong chicken amongst all the other Korean spicy food is delighting. Afterwards we went shopping a little more, and then we visited the Hello Kitty Cafe! First impression... PINK is everywhere!

It's definitely a Hello Kitty Cafe, 'cause there's basically Hello Kitty in every corner of this cafe. The latte art on the drinks we ordered was Hello Kitty shape, and even the mirror in the bathroom is Hello Kitty shaped. OH! Almost forgot... the toilet seats are also decorated with Hello Kitty ornaments! It's cute, but definitely not a place I would go every week. There are a lot of other cafes to visit in Hongdae anyway...

After 'hi-jacking' the free wifi in the cafe and checking up on twitter and saying hi to our family members, we then decided to go back to our hostel and rest. Great day around Hongdae, part two is coming! For we spent the next day around Hongdae also. Don't get bored yet!


  1. your blog entries makes me feel like wanna do blogging back. ahaha. i uploaded all my korea trip pictures on twitter tho and i'm really2 lazy on doing some writing for blogging purpose, so yeah. i stay on jeju for some days and there are lots of attraction. if u haven't been on jeju u should go to the museums. especially the teddy bear museum. can't handle the cuteness. hihi.

  2. Hello there Ms. Sugar Sugar ^^ hahaha. you should blog again then.. actually this is also quite a new blog. I've blogged since 4 years ago, but I accidentally deleted it last year /sigh/ oh, I definitely wanna go to Jeju... and yesh. teddy bear museum!! i went to the one in N-Seoul Tower, but I really wna go to the one in Jeju~~

    1. have u left any love lock on namsan tower? i leave one. and the message is pretty cheesy anyway but who cares hahahaha. btw there are many museums on jeju too. glass museum, chocolate museum and there's this quite a controversional museum also but i didnt enter this one. there's so many things there tho in jeju. one day on jeju was not enough seriously. hihi

  3. weee it's my first time seeing your face in a photo. eonnie nomu yopeunda hehe
    your face looks sweet~
    aaandd your face is looks like my friend! you guys looks like twins! you should see her hahah :P

    1. but there''s my friend and I there? which one is me? :D :D


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