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October 27, 2011

So Juniwise and I made an itinerary before we flew to Korea. But there's no use anyway, while we were in Korea we practically changed the whole thing due to the comfort we felt being in Hongdae area and definitely because of our budget. So I'll just do a quick recap of what we did or where we went in Korea.

Day 1 - late lunch in Ewha, then evening shopping
Day 2 - Deoksugung Palace
Day 3 - Heyri Art Village in Paju, Bought 'Heartbreaker' CD in Hongdae, searched for YG Ent Office
Day 4 - Bukchon Hanok Village, shopping in Insadong, Cheonggyecheon stream, Kyobo bookstore to find GD's 1st Look Magazine, Ate Cheese Ramyeon
Day 5 - Coffee Prine Cafe, shopping around Hongdae, Yeolbong cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe
Day 6 - Itaewon for lunch, Sangsangmadang, Cafe Comma, met Yeolbong
Day 7 - Church in Yeouido, shopping in Myeongdong, N-Seoul Tower
Day 8 - (I totally forgot about the 8th day, I can't remember at all)
Day 9 - Interview in O-Check Design, Postal office in Hongik Uni, Shop all around Hongdae (again), ate dinner in Yeolbong cafe (We just love this restaurant so much), Camp in front of YG Ent
Day 10 - Home 

Below are a whole lot of photos I took through my iPod and later uploaded to my Instagram account during my trip in Korea. They're not in order, I just gather them up randomly... Enjoy~


  1. wow,, the pictures are simply amaaazing~! each and every single one of it contains a very high sentimental value :D i especially like the one above the "since 2007 coffee prince" logo. bcuz it looks so colourfull and it capture my eyes from the first look xD it looks like some kind of art to me~! can i know what is it?? n btw, i can see that you went out to so many places but at the end you will surely return to hongdae & yeolbong cafe^^ kekeke~~ well, the next time you are on a holiday make sure to post some picture too because i like to read it^^ thanks for sharing!! ~xoxo~

    1. that is the logo of the 'coffee prince cafe' the cafe that was used as location set for 'coffee prince drama'... :D


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