N-Seoul Tower

October 25, 2011

Today's itinerary is to shop in Myeongdong area and then head to N-Seoul Tower to see the famous love padlocks, the Teddy Bear Museum and also to see the beauty of Seoul at night time. I might not have said this, but Juniwise and I originally planned to see Korean foliage. But, we planned our trip a little too early, so most of the trees in Seoul was still green. You can see from the photos below, only a few tip of the leaves has starting to turn yellow/orange. But mostly... fresh and green.

We didn't take much photos in Myeongdong area, because we were busy looking around and going in and out the many different shops in that area. Since this post mostly contain photos of the tower, that's why I've entitled this post 'N-Seoul Tower'.

Since Juniwise and I thought the tower wouldn't be far from Myeongdong so we walked. Truthfullly... it really wasn't THAT far. But, after going in and out shops in Myeongdong our legs were too weak to walk. Thankfully the weather was nice, made it a 'wee' bit easier for both of us.

Afterwards, you'll find an elevator that takes you up to where the cable car station is. Since there only one elevator, in busy days it would take quite a while until you get a chance to get inside it. If you can't wait, you can just take the stairs. Then you take the Namsan Cable car. Now this one is a long queue. You just got to be patient standing in line and going up the stairs. After you arrived at the top, you only need to walk a little bit more then you'll see the tower.

The teddy bear museum was cute. But it was small, and the bears only showed history of Korea. Unlike the one in Jeju, where it has different theme and the bears are dressed up as many different historical people and also set in many historical events.

But, I must say... Seoul is even more beautiful in night time. Look out on the windows of the observatory. It has different names of cities of the world and the distance from Seoul to that city written on top of the windows. Maybe you'll find yours? I found Jakarta, Indonesia. It's 5,268.18 KM away from the tower.


  1. wow,, what a nice experience~~ all the picture are perfect!!! n btw, you went to MD??? awesome,babe^^ my friends had been there and she said MD is a heaven to shop... she can't get enough of it and spent almost 2k to shop there for a week bcuz the price is cheap.... is it true??? and i can see that you really enjoy your day at ~ p/s: is the big n fluffy teddy bear at the museum open for a sale?? if yes, i must absolutely go and buy one for me~ *wink wink* thanks for sharing your amaaazing & wonderful adventure^^ xoxo

    1. thanks for the comments! :D
      oh i did went to myeongdong, but didn't spend as much as your friend did hahahaha
      the bears in the museum are not for sale, but in the entrance there's a store, it sells all different kinds of bears, those one in that store you can buy :)
      and your most welcome! xo


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