Heyri Village

October 19, 2011

Heyri Village is located in Paju, according to CNN GO, it is "South Korea's melting pot of creativity". So as a graphic design student, I thought this was the place Juniwise and I needed to go to. And indeed, Paju was a beautiful city. The kind of city that I like; quiet and 'spacy'. Definitely different from Hongdae area where we stayed. Heyri is definitely a feast for the eyes. There's "Old Korea" little museum, Book Store, Hangeul Store, Korea's film studio, Photo Studio and many more stores. Also filled with decorated cafes (one of the cafe was used as filming location for the famous 'Boys over Flowers' drama), buildings with interesting architectural design with great details on decorations and definitely a whole lot of cute crafts to buy in stores. 

Although most of the cafes, museums and galleries were not open. But Juniwise and I liked the place a lot. Everywhere your head turns and your eyes look to, there's something interesting to be found. If anyone would like to visit Heyri Village, take the subway line 2 and go to Hapjeong Station exit on EXIT #2. Then take bus no #2200, then it was probably a 45 minutes ride and get off at the Heyri Stop, the station is exactly right in front of it.


  1. Heyri village is known as an art village in Korea! OHMYGLOB!
    you're so lucky to go there haha
    I'm a high school student, and my dream is to take international relations faculty then work in the Indonesian embassy in Korea, so i can go to Korea with FREE hahaha i really wanna go there, and when i saw your pictures... I REALLY MUST go to Korea hahahaha wish me luck!

    as usual your pictures are always great LOL
    i love the cafe's picture, it's so lovely~

    1. hi gretaa... Hahahaha. i guess i was lucky. the whole trip to Korea was a blessing, never thought I could go there...
      And I wish you all the luck! I hope your dreams come true, and you'll be in Korea someday too!!!

      thankyouuu~ glad you like the pictures!!!


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