Subway Art

October 21, 2011

When we were about to exit the subway station, we notice these awesome paintings on the wall of the station. As we walked closer, we then realize they were paintings on ceramic tiles. Not quite sure what event it was for, or whether it has been there for long... but the works are very impressive. And to see people actually stopped their walk and appreciate these paintings... I found it to be really interesting. I don't really see that much art appreciation here in Indonesia. Forget appreciating, there isn't even artworks hanging around in bus stations. Such a messy city here in Jakarta. No wonder why UNESCO has awarded Seoul as city of design. There is Art in every corner and nook of the city.

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  1. oh my god!!!! this is simply daebak + jjang~! how did those idea of putting arts on wall of subway station coming to korean people's brain... only genius people can think of this amaaazing things~^^ and top of it, it is painted on ceramic tiles, which is very rare to see before... only one word to describe my feelings when i see your picture in this post.. "SWAG" enough said~!^^


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