Hello Mochi

July 20, 2012

Had another photo session for 'Hello Friday Shop'. This time Juniwise made a suggestion to give a shot on outdoor setting, with summer-balloon-garden kind of theme. Which... Well, didn't go as successful as we hoped it would. It wasn't a total failure though; it's just that the sun wasn't very cooperating (way tooooo bright), and as a result it made us very tired and we barely made it through the whole session. But, thankfully, we did finished. And I'm still editing few photos. Some are up in our Facebook page and some are coming out very soon!

It's a good thing there's three of us in Hello Friday, or else all these photo sessions would be dreadfully tiring and boring. By the end of the day, it's good to have someone to cheer and mess around with.

P.S: thanks alot to our model: Gaby and Poppy, for being very nice in helping us! And so long to our former model, Jelly! We wish you all the luck in your studies in Nippon Land!


  1. love your editing color , girl :)
    and glad that you have a lot of friends surrounding you

    1. thank you! :) and I am glad myself~


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