After six-months-but-seems-like-6-years of internship program (no, my office is great. awesome in fact. it's not them, it's me) I finally get the chance to go home. 6 months is half a year; can you imagine how much I desperately miss my home?

Since it's winter in Australia, home was chilly and cold. It was lovely. Breezy with sun, you can roll the window down and not sweat at all. Unlike *cough* Jakarta *cough*. And the new rent house my parents are staying in is very lovely also. Mom has planted a lot (add more o's there, cause there really are whole lot of plants) flowers and trees, making the house much greener and fresh.

1 month in home is a definite stress reliever. I'm so glad I have Bali to come home to after the hectic days in Jakarta; I feel so blessed.

And while I was home, I refill my toycam and took few shots. This is the first time I use Kodak film. And well... the result didn't came out the way I had hoped it would be. Most of them all over exposed, wayyyy to bright - you could barely see the image /sigh/ But hey... one would never learn if they never makes a mistake, right?

But, I guess... I'll go back to using Fujifilm next time.

Take a look at some of the printed photos that came out 'okay', well at least the images are visible to the eyes. Oh, anyone might know why this happened to my photos? Maybe an 'over-exposed-film-911' tips for me?

Home Blues

September 10, 2012

People should stop making fun of suicidal people. Staying alive is hard, but there is also nothing easy about committing suicide. It is because everything is so overwhelming. You cannot see any light in your life. You can't envision future without pain. Heck you can't envision future AT ALL. Stop making fun! Unless you've walked in their shoes. If your beloved ones are suicidal, remind them to fight the natural instinct in their body that tells them to just give up. And to you who are going through suicidal moments... when things get hard on you... Go down on bended knees, throw your hands up to the sky, turn your eyes to God... Let go. Let God.


September 4, 2012

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