This is the historical day when my iPhone went underwater. and no, i did not 'clumsily' dropped it, neither did it accidentally flew out of the cruise boat into the ocean. I swam with my iPhone on purpose. I guess that vacuum bag I brought was a little more useful than just being a space saver in my bag.

At first, I really didn't want to go out in the sun. I just thought I was tan enough. But, the water was so inviting, I just had to snorkel and swim in it. So I did and I brought my phone along with me. Yes, my phone swam in the ocean. Nothing happened, my phone's all safe and sound!

Problem was once it goes down under the water, the air are all sucked inside the vacuum bag makes it impossible to navigate the touch screen - which means you cannot set the focus underwater. (So please understand why all these photos are out of focus)

Today was beautiful, just as the day before. Fed the fishes, snorkeling in beautiful clear water and another beautiful sunset seeing! I must say, although Bangkok was a little disappointing for me, Phuket on the other hand is b-e-a-u-tiful. Reminds me of my island home, Bali. Laid back, natural and very realxing. A wonderful get-away from all the thesis stress.

Phi Phi

November 18, 2012

Second day in Phuket and we've booked a cruise to James Bond island - where the movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' was shoot back in the year 1974. We paid 1,000 baht per person for this cruise, and that is a huge amount compare to the other cheaper price we were offered to. But, we made the right choice! Cause Silver Hawk cruise to James Bond island proves to be great! If anyone is interested to go on a cruise to James Bond island... I'd like to recommend you this cruise.

Today... i was lazying by the beach, went canoeing, hold a Thailand crab - ปู (read: Pu), danced and sang Gangnam style with the other cruise participants. And the interesting point from Silverhawk's cruise is that they offer cruise trip until dark. So we were able to watch the sun goes down while crusing the sea. Bottom-line, the day was beautiful!!!

p.s: I knew I made the right choice with this cruise when lunchtime arrived and I tasted the food... because the lunch served in the ship was delicious!!

The Man with the Golden Gun

November 10, 2012

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