Bangkok City

November 1, 2012


Leaving behind our 'you-know-what' (read: thesis) Juniwise, Monica and I flew to Bangkok! Despite the many deadlines and the very little amount of saving, we flew anyway. This is our first holiday together and I think we deserve this after all our hardwork together in our online shop. 

We arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport at 11.30. Signage in Thailand can be very frustrating, because most of it are written in Tai-Kadai (Thailand language). But thankfully we met an Indonesian guy who is currently working in Bangkok, and he helped us by showing us how the BTS route and how to purchase the ticket. We parted but thankfully find our way to our hostel. 

Oh, by the way... I really think Bangkok government needs to consider building more escalator in the BTS stations! Carrying huge suitcase down the stairs is really tiring!

We checked in Bed Bangkok Hostel and well... the photos looks way too good compared with the reality. It's decent and clean. The location of the hostel is also very easy to find and near BTS station, but for anyone planning to find a place to stay in Bangkok do find another hostel. Especially if you're traveling with your friends, Bed Bangkok has really small room :(

Anyway, we spent our first day shopping in Pratunam (Platinum Mall). And we did shop 'til we drop. Or at least our legs did. We could barely walk our way back home.

To go to Pratunam: 
1. Go down in Chit Lom station and go to central world direction and ask people around where Pratunam is; it's next to iSetan building. 
2. Or you can go down in Siam central station don't exit just yet and just follow the direction and go through inside central world, then to isetan and then go out and from iSetan it should only be a 3 minute walk to Pratunam. (I personally prefer this way, cause Bangkok can get really hot during the day, walking through malls with AC feels really good)


  1. nice blog!! and nice story :D

    1. Aww thankyouu for the sweet comment~~ glad you like my blog! :) :)


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