March 9th

March 10, 2013

Remember my post when I thought I had hit rock bottom? Well, I was wrong. Just when I thought I hit rock bottom, God took me down even lower. MUCH lower. I hate surprises, I like my life all planned and predictable. But God beat me 1-0.

After spending days at home after dad's funeral, it was time to go back to reality (read: Jakarta). Despite the overwhelming amount of laziness and procrastination plus my father's death, I somehow manage to finish my thesis project. I slept for maximum 2/3 hours every night for 3 days straight. But I guess it was somehow 'worth it'. Because not only did I finish my project, I also somehow passed my thesis defense and now I am waiting and counting days until graduation day. 

So, I guess I will not be spending the rest of my life in silent hurt and wondering after all.

It doesn't stop there. Cause after defense was over, little sister gave me a surprise present: Eeyore doll dressed up in graduation suit. (Too cute!) Then to top it all off, my aunty somehow manage to get 2 tickets for me to watch KBS Music Bank - Jakarta. I ended the day by watching Teen Top and INFINITE Live on stage! I feel truly blessed. One miracle after another just... somehow come up.

Just kidding! I know very well it didn't just somehow appear out of nowhere... Thank you God for your blessings. You gave me parents that work really hard in order to give me proper education, and I am really thankful you gave me the strength to finish uni with good grades. I am thankful for my supportive family members, and I am thankful for every free kpop tickets I've received even when I don't ask for it. You are good!

Can't wait 'til graduation!

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