March 11, 2013

Had the chance to watch Music Bank in Jakarta on March 9th. I got the ticket just a few hours before the show starts, thanks to my aunty's colleague. I am really thankful good things just come one after the other. And it always intrigued me, how I'm blessed with free tickets to K-Pop concerts many times already now.

I didn't take that much photo, as I was in tribune which was really far from the stage, and I had nothing but my mom's pocket camera with me. But, sharing is caring right?

I missed it when TEEN TOP sang '긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right)' though, which was actually the song I wanted to see the most. But I managed to see them perform other songs. I didn't miss INFINITE performing my favorite song though... '추격자 (The Chaser)'! And I also loved SISTAR 19's performance on 'Gone No Longer Around'.

So anyway, I finally got the chance to see INFINITE, TEEN TOP and SISTAR live on stage! Although they only sang few songs, but I get to see 3 of my favorite K-Pop group in one stage and on top of all that, for free! HA!

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