April 16, 2013

BAPYProjects successfully concluded our third project last month! Even though there were a lot of rough and tough times during the project, BABYs were happy with the project result (SG BABYs in particular was happy with the cupcake we gave them). And although we were disappointed with TS Entertainment, we tried to believe Yongguk when he said that he received our gifts and that the food we prepared for him was delicious.

Our team donated to Purme Foundation on behalf of Yongguk, we made him photomosaic of all BABYs that participated and donated for the project, prepared food support for him and the other members (20+ staff of TS Entertainment) and bought various gifts for him.

After a month of anxiety, we were finally sure that Yongguk did receive our gifts after all. One of the gifts we bought him was a Insight 'Heroes and Zeroes' T-Shirt... I just knew when I laid eyes on the tshirt I had to buy it for him. It reminded me of B.A.P's "Zero" track in their latest album and I had the feeling it was something he would wear. And... well, I was right 'cause Yongguk wore it when they flew back from Beijing!

photo credit: @krisesly, catch cafe, bapyprojects 

Being in a project team is hard, you work really hard but most of the time you work behind the scene and the one you worked your ass off for (the idol; B.A.P in my case) probably doesn't even know that you or your project team existed. So to see Yongguk wore one of the item we gave him is really delighting. Hopefully, Project: [ForHIM] will go as smooth and Himchan will also show some love towards the things we're currently preparing for him.

p.s: HUGE HUGE thanks to Catch Cafe for helping us and for being very very patient towards TS Entertainment. Onnie, if it wasn't for your help... the food support would not happen! Thank you!

xo, Chrisya S.

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