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May 17, 2013

What do you get when three single ladies getting together in a room with make-up tools, high heels, pretty clothes, cute ribbons and a camera? :D Well, you get tons of self taken photos!!! Hello Friday gals got together again and we took photos of ourselves~ It came out really pretty...

Juniwise is becoming really good with her make-up skills... I'm a proud friend and definitely a very happy one. Wise practices her make up skills on us, Monica and I on the other hand get free make over. Definitely 'friends with benefits'. Haha.

But we did this little 'photoshoot' not only for fun, because we decided that I will enter in a beauty competition 'T.O.P Girl' held by The Faceshop. Contestants simply submit application along with their best photo, and they will compete in final day to win a prize which includes:

The Faceshop Indonesia brand ambassador for 1 year
Free 3 days trip to South Korea
Free endorsement for 1 year
5 Million rupiah cash

So, in order to go in accord with The Faceshop's status as The leading natural beauty brand, Juniwise did my make up in the most simple and natural way. The outfit I chose was definitely not something I wear daily. I chose something cute, dominated with pastel and soft color with flowery pattern , to bring out the 'girly' side of me. Anyway, without further ado, below are the photos we took... Please excuse the amount of narcism. It's the camera, blame the camera... It loves us too much.

For the competition application, I submitted the photo above... My mom chose it, but I personally like it the most also. Oh, how I wish my hair could be that way every single day. A little wave to it would be pretty, I'm getting rather tired or bored with this d*mn straight hair. ((Human... never grateful for what they have ;sigh;))

Anyway, as much as I like how the photos turn out pretty, I must admit I look great in it because of the help of make up. I like myself both with make up and barefaced. So, to proof my confidence... below is the before and after make up shot of myself.

Not so different? Different? Or VERY different?

xo, Chrisya S + Hello Friday girls.

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