June 23, 2013

Graduation is just around the corner. And although our lass held a little vacation to the Harapan Island, some of our classmate couldn't come along... So we decided to hold a little lunch gathering as another farewell.

Initially we were going to hold the lunch on July, but our friend Juniwise has plans on moving to Japan, so I took the initiative to set the date earlier, so she can join before she leaves for good.

I made reservation in Goedkoop cafe, a little cafe located in Benhil. I came across their instagram and was really interested in trying out eating in there. Plus, I thought it would be appropriate to have our 'farewell' in the area where we all spent most of our time during our 3 years study :)

Like any other time we all gather, it involves mostly laughing and loud talking. Haha. Thankfully there weren't that many people in the cafe on that day, so we didn't bothered too many people. 

A little review on Goedkoop... The food taste 'okay', it's not splendid but it's not bad either. I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars. But what's more disappointing is the portion. Especially for someone who eats a lot like me, Goedkoop served really small portions. As for the beverages though, they have real interesting drinks to offer... Should try the beng beng frappucinno! Overall Goedkoop is a 3 out 5 stars cafe, imo.

oh look who joined us?

it's edward cullen!

haha~ just kidding!

Some of our friends couldn't make it last minute, which was disappointing... But, although this is a 'farewell', it doesn't mean we wouldn't meet each other any longer from now on. I hope we'll still get along well, and spare time in the future to meet each other.

Life is a journey. And no matter how important your destination is, more importantly is the people you spend your journey with. I am thankful and honored to spend my study years in PresUniv with these amazing and talented people; they made the journey much more worth it. I hope for nothing but the best for each and everyone of us in the future. I hope for overflowing creativity, ideas and innovation for all of us. Until next time we all meet again, take care~

xo, Chrisya S.

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