June 17, 2013

This won't be a long post, because truthfully I do not know what to write. I am no concert reviewer, so I won't be doing a review. I was going to write a fanaccount, but nothing particular happened... But, let me just say how happy I am to finally get the chance to watch G-Dragon live in concert. I got front row in festival area, G-Dragon was practically 2 meters away from me. But, if it wasn't for the barricade and the security... G-Dragon would probably me 0 meter away fro me. Haha.

I cried a little when GD sang, '1년 정거장'. Out of all GD's songs, this one particular song has always been my personal favorite. And I guess when you mix your favorite song, with the erupting longing feelings that has been held for 4 years plus great arrangement for the band.. and you will eventually get tears. No, I am no usually this dramatical *cough* but everything just seems pretty on that one particular track. For me. Personally. Even more beautiful than when GD sang 'Butterfly', which was really beautiful.

Anyway, I would like to thank the benefactor of this, my mom. The brain behind this surprise, Femme. And also Tasha, for helping in getting the ticket and guiding me through out the concert. You guys are lovely, I am thankful to have you. I am blessed.

Just a little side note for GD... Make sure you sing in tune for 'Bad Boy' and 'Missing You' next time. I know, I know... you're a rapper and not a singer. But, fans do pay for the show. I don't expect you to be great in singing, but you should at least make the effort not to sing off tune. It's the least you could do. But hey, off tune or not, you will always be my bias. 

xo, Chrisya S.


  1. nice blog theme :D you made it yourself?

    So happy that you could attend your bias con :D
    I'm VIP too, TOP bias .. have a nice day then!

    1. Hey~ :D aw thankyou!! I made the buttons and determine the color, but my little sister coded for me :D

      Waaa, well TOP is sort of my second bias? sort of. other members of BIGBANG except GD is all my second bias haha

      You have a nice day yourself too!


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