Today started with The Faceshop's F/W product launching. Because later on we will be following a makeup demo using the new 2013 F/W FACEit Makeup products, all the T.O.P girls were told to come with no make up on (GASP!!!).
The launching starts by Diane, the overseas marketing staff, introducing herself as the MC. And then it was continued by a presentation on the 2013 F/W product launching by Ms. Kim, the head marketing of Faceshop. 

I personally really like these fall winter make up range Faceshop have prepared... The F/W FACEit Lesson 3 - Artist Touch make up includes lipstick, lipgloss and eyeshadow. I personally really like eyeshadow. The shades chosen for this season is very elegant; as they have chosen range of color of brow and gold. Simple and yet classy!

There was also an explanation session of Faceshop's new CC cream product range. They explained how it is different from the existing and famous BB cream. And to spoil us even more, they all gave each one of us a CC cream pack and had our names engraved on the CC cream packaging >___< CC cream with my name on it... one and only in the world!!!

T.O.P Korea - Part 2

July 13, 2013

As I've written before, I won the T.O.P Girl 2013 competition held by The Faceshop... By winning I got various prizes, and one of it includes a 3-days-trip to Korea. After the long wait and a lot of preparation, it's finally June 30th... the day to fly to Kimchi land finally came.

I had Mba Inge from The Faceshop and Mba Maria from Cosmo Girl together on the trip with me. I was actually quite nervous the trip would turn into a deadly silent journey due to the age differences, but both of them were very nice and funny, I actually had a great time talking and spending the trip with them :)

T.O.P Korea - Part 1

July 9, 2013

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