T.O.P Korea - Part 2

July 13, 2013

Today started with The Faceshop's F/W product launching. Because later on we will be following a makeup demo using the new 2013 F/W FACEit Makeup products, all the T.O.P girls were told to come with no make up on (GASP!!!).
The launching starts by Diane, the overseas marketing staff, introducing herself as the MC. And then it was continued by a presentation on the 2013 F/W product launching by Ms. Kim, the head marketing of Faceshop. 

I personally really like these fall winter make up range Faceshop have prepared... The F/W FACEit Lesson 3 - Artist Touch make up includes lipstick, lipgloss and eyeshadow. I personally really like eyeshadow. The shades chosen for this season is very elegant; as they have chosen range of color of brow and gold. Simple and yet classy!

There was also an explanation session of Faceshop's new CC cream product range. They explained how it is different from the existing and famous BB cream. And to spoil us even more, they all gave each one of us a CC cream pack and had our names engraved on the CC cream packaging >___< CC cream with my name on it... one and only in the world!!!

Now onto the make up demo. We had Ms. Lee Ji Young, leading us on a makeup demonstration using the F/W make up items. The T.O.P Girl from Myanmar, Lain Lain, was lucky to be chosen as model for the demo and getting her makeup done by Ms. Lee Ji young herself.

The makeup starts by putting on Aura CC Cream. Ms. Lee reminded us to gently and evenly pat the cream onto our face, to get a more natural finish look. Then onto the eyeshadow; gold color was chosen for the eyelid, and pearl white was chosen to be put into the inner corner of our eyes. Then we applied eyeliner and mascara. We used The Faceshop Baked Shimmer Blusher - 02 Coral Aura. And last but not least, we used the new F/W Moisturized lipstick (can't really remember specifically which one though; sorry!)

Truthfully, I personally think I didn't look that great after the makeup session. I think I might have put on a little too much CC Cream, and instead of a 'dewy' look, I got a little more than that and ended up looking a little more 'oily.' (sigh~) I will try to do the makeup look again later on, and make sure it look better on me :)

After the makeup session was done, The Faceshop's brand ambassador, Ms. Han Bo Reum came. She looks pretty with her up-do and little black dress. She was wearing the F/W Makeup look also, and she looks gorgeous. She has a milky skin and she has really cute voice when she talks. Haha. Listening to her speak was really adorable~

There was a question and answer session for the media from each country with Ms. Lee Ji Young and Ms. Han Bo Reum. Afterwards, each T.O.P Girls get the chance to take individual shots with Ms. Han Bo Reum and later on a group shot. And although I am no very confident with the makeup look on me, I decided I should post a photo of it anyway. Please be nice~

After the F/W Makeup launching event finished, we all had lunch together, but I didn't really felt like eating. Mostly because I felt like I look very funny with the makeup tbh. So I only ate a little and then I went back to my room.

When I finally reached my room, I realized that I had left my CC Cream in the table back in the 22nd floor. (Cries; why am I this forgetful?) So, I texted Yanruo and asked if she could helped me get it, but she was back in her room, so we decided to meet up in my room and go to the 22nd floor together. We took the CC Cream and I managed to convince Yanruo to come with me to Myeongdong to buy hair curler for the dinner event later on.

But we didn't have much time, and hair curler was nowhere to be found. I decided to buy hair roller and hairspray instead; while praying to God I will be able to work on my hair later on. But no matter how much in a hurry we were, we both managed to buy the famous tall soft ice cream in Myeongdong!!! hehe~ (we also stopped in two CD stores to buy CDs for our friends). After the shopping is done we went back to the hotel, and got ready for the dinner event. Yes, get ready to meet Kim Hyun Joong!!!

All dressed up and ready to go! We all got in the bus and head to Beyond Museum in Cheongdamdong. And yes, my attempt to curl my hair with the hair roller was a total failure. Sobs. I ended up letting go of my hair and hairsprayed, hoping it'll stay for the rest of the night. Hoping that my confidence will cover it all up~ Lol! I did my own makeup and again thanks be to God, i was able to put on my liquid eyeliner without difficulties!!! I was actually very happy after doing my makeup, cause I was able to pull off what Juniwise taught me! (Dress and silver necklace bought in Bamboo Blonde!)

The museum was quite far from our hotel, I had the chance to snooze for a little while. When we finally arrived, a huge banner was hanging in front of the museum. Haha. It was like HUGE. With The Faceshop 10th Anniversary and TOP GIRL written on it!

Inside the museum, The Faceshop Korea team has been waiting for all of us, and when we walked in they were all clapping and cheering on us. I was actually startled. Again, all of this is a very new experience for me, and it always surprised me in the beginning. But, new experiences are fun, right?

Before the event starts, we all mingled in the second floor, where the exhibition of The Faceshop's 10 year history was displayed. Starting from its first store in Myeongdong until 2013 and the ongoing event of T.O.P Girl! We had our photos displayed as an exhibit also; we even had to signed on the T.O.P Girls autograph book.

With Sean and Skye from The Faceshop Korea

After looking around the exhibitions and taking photos together, we all had dinner together and then the real event finally started. The MC for the night was, Shin Gino, who is a reporter in Arirang's Showbiz Korea. The event began with a short video with The Faceshop's brief history and also videos of anniversary greetings from overseas partners & also video messages from T.O.P Girls 2012. Up next was Ms. Kyung Rhee, The Faceshop's overseas vice president. Continuing on, Shin Gino invited The Faceshop's new model, which is none other than Miss A's Suzy!!

Suzy is really cute, bubbly and definitely pretty. I always wondered why so many man like Suzy, and when I'm finally only a few meters away from her that I realize how pretty she was. She's young and it shows from the way she stood in the stage, just the way she was so easy going and laughing a lot.

She answered few questions from the MC, regarding her feelings on being the new model, her beauty routine and also her current activities. (She said that Miss A is currently preparing their album for comeback, and she is also looking into scripts for new production) And afterwards, Suzy represented The Faceshop and gave away awards to overseas partners for their hard work in various field.

I think The Faceshop made a good decision by having Suzy as their new model. She's very beautiful even with minimum makeup and her bubbly personality just shines naturally in the stage, goes well with The Faceshop as the leader in natural brand. Well, although it was very brief, I am really happy to get the chance to see Suzy in person although I am not a Say A. Another blessing!!! So anyway, after Suzy walked out, we had a little break.

(P.S: Suzy mentioned that she never wipe her face with towel, she gently pats the towel on her face to dry it. So, girls... take note! Be gentle to your face & skin!)
* * *

(I'm sure you all need a little break also by now... Haha. This is quite a long post isn't it? I'm sorry, but please bear with me!)

* * *

Break was over and part 2 of the event started and second half was opened by a group of B-Boy dancers. After dancing few sets, they ended their performance by waving flags of each T.O.P Girls and they had roses and came down the stage to give it to each of us! :) Oh, I could seriously get used to this~ haha

If you all haven't notice, our dear T.O.P Girl from Philippines wasn't with us since yesterday, and she came right around this moment. She sat next to me and she was really pretty, and the most surprising of all, her name, Christia Asistio, is really similar to my name. Anyway, then all T.O.P Girls were invited to go up the stage and Shin Gino asked us all to introduce ourselves.

Finally came my turn to introduce ourselves, and boy the butterflies in my stomach was raging. I have planned to introduce myself in Korean... in front of REAL Koreans! I'm not quite sure why on earth did I decided on that, but when I did... they were actually clapping for me and were very impressed on my Korean skills :) Yayy~

After we all did our introduction, we all went back to our seats. And the finally the long awaited guests arrived... Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, please welcome The Faceshop's brand ambassador and Asia's Prince - Kim Hyun Joong!!

Okay, let me apologize for the very 'unflattering' photo of him. But all that I managed to do was placed my iPhone in the table and video recorded the event, and this is actually a screen capture from the video. Sobs; I tried my best. But I really had to hold back my fangirl mode and not spend the rest of the night filming him bluntly. lol

So, I was actually expecting Kim Hyun Joong to came out with his 'pretty' appearance, but turns out he cut his hair and he is more tan! And it reminded me of his 'Break Down' comeback style, and I am loving it! It brings out the manly side of him, which is a side I definitely prefer more from him!

 We were all then invited back on the stage for the crowning session. And boy, all the other girls were racing to stand next to him... Haha, but who wouldn't right? We all went in turns according to our country names in alphabetical order. Kim Hyun Joong had quite a hard time putting on the crown on our head, as it was really slippery, and our hair was not styled to hold the crown. But thanks be to God, my crown managed to stay :)
And yes! He held all our shoulders when we took photos together. And I hold his waist, it doesn't show in the photo (thankfully~), cause I'm sure if his manager noticed I might be tackled to the ground >_<

After crowning, we all went back to our seats and Kim Hyun Joong had a question and answer session with questions from the overseas media. And while listening to him answer the questions, it is obvious why people call him 4D. Haha. He is gorgeously and beautifully awkward and funny at the same time. I'm not sure how to explain that, but yeah, he's weird and awkward on stage but flawless? I'm not making sense, am I? I'm sorry.

After the questions and answer session, Kim Hyun Joong took photo with each country groups, the T.O.P Girls plus their Faceshop team. Again we went in turns according to our country names. And when it was our turn, I managed to talk a little with him~ But stupid me, I cannot think of any other topic to talk about, so I went and asked him what was his favorite football team. Sigh~ Anyway, he answered Manchester United and I said his team is my team's rival, cause I am a Liverpool fan, and we both laughed and then we took photo together.

My iPhone managed to record video of us talking, go play the video below if you would like to see~

After the group shots, Kim Hyun Joong said his goodbye and went away. The dinner event finished and Shin Gino closed the event for the night. But, the night wasn't finished yet, cause we went up to the rooftop and continued the after party. But, no it was not crazy dancing and getting drunk kind of after party, well at least not for me... I spent the night talking to T.O.P Girls from Cambodia - Elisa Chhuon, Philippines - Christia Asistio and Malaysia - Lee Ya Qin. It was really lovely to get to know them more. Oh! We also managed to talked with Shin Gino and joked around with him for quite a while.

It was finally around 11 PM, if I remember correctly and it was finally time to go back to hotel. We were all tired, my feet was sore and my eyes were shutting down. But, it was a great night and definitely an experience to remember! Thank you The Faceshop for the invitation and for holding such a wonderful night~

* * *

So, that is all for the second day of The Faceshop trip to Korea. There's another day left, and we T.O.P Girls got the chance to do photoshoot with Kim Hyun Joong himself! So please visit my blog again for more stories...
My after party look as a goodbye gift, haha~

xo, Chrisya S.


  1. Nice post! It looks like a great event. xx

    Blue Roses

  2. So gorgeous! This seems like an absolutely AMAZING experience! Ahh, so jealous that you were able to meet Kim Hyun Joong :-)
    I hope you're having a splendid time in Korea, I would love to visit there once more xx

    1. Hey Chaereen... thanks for visiting back! :)
      It was amazing! I'm very blessed to had the chance to join this...^^

  3. Love your blog! just discovered it :) CC cream, wow must do some research, haha!

    I followed you on GFC, maybe follow me back ?

    1. Hello there Florence... thank you for visiting my blog! :D :D glad you like it~
      Faceshop's CC Cream is a must try! Not being biased at all, but it's a really great item!! hehe
      I'll follow you back


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