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December 1, 2013

My life is not perfect. I put forth pretty pictures of sunset and gorgeous flowers, funny captures from movies or cartoon series, pretty selfies with make-up, inspiring and wise thoughts, I can seriously love my mom and sister, never seem to have problem in my romance relationship... But my life is not perfect. I've been through, I still go through and experienced the brokenness & hurt of this world. The kind that burdens you, that makes you feel you got the world to carry on you, that makes you feel like you're not sure how to breath properly again. And we all experience this in different areas, timing and with different degree.

Just yesterday I read news on a famous actor passing away and it brought back memories of loss that my family and I experienced this year. Seeing other people and pass away is so horrifying, it is disturbing. We all have faced and/or are facing tragic moments.

That's why I feel the need to post joyful, funny, pretty photos, moments, things. It's not fake. It's not staged, it's not to impress people that I have a perfect life... but it is fighting.

So what am I fighting for? Fighting to think that even through the darkest day, there's still light. Fighting to think upon things that are lovely, worthy, lovable, good and true. To marvel and appreciate that even the smallest detail in life is a gift.

I love everyone around me, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to share all my trials in life to every single person I meet. But just because I don't post certain things in my life, my thoughts on it or take photos of my bruises and crying tears, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist in my life.

Our greatest addiction is talking about our problem… Why can’t we talk more about our joy? And I simply don’t talk about my problem (except maybe in this post), because not only it won’t solve it, but the more I talk about my problem, the more power I’m feeding it and it will weakens the inner me.
I just wanted to share my heart on this particular matter. And maybe encourage others to be more joyful in life, be true about it and share the joy! If you’re facing problem, then open up if you must, but choose wisely to whom you open up. And I pray for invincible strength for you to go through trials & challenges in your life. God bless~

xo, Chrisya S.


  1. thank you Chrisya. you have no idea how much you have awaken and enlighten me from negativity through this post. thank you and God bless you!

    1. ur most welcome Vania :D glad that sharing this helps another person~ Gbu!


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