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December 17, 2014


September 10, 2014

It's been almost a week since I've arrive here in Melbourne. In a week, I went to several suburbs around the CBD, because I needed to inspect units to live in. Yeah, that's basically what this whole week's all about. Finding apartment for Chrisya! Yay~ But even after going around, I haven't quite understand Melbourne surroundings yet though and I have no idea why. I understood Korea's subway and roads much quicker than this; although all the signage were written in Hangeul. Weird.

But anyway, I've decided to apply for tenancy for a unit in Brunswick area. I fell for it from the photos put up in the advertisement and liked it even more when I inspect it. It was what I wanted. Small, but homey, flooded with sunlight, only 20 minutes away from CBD and fully furnished (Well except for mattress). Water is included in the rent already, I need to set up electricity and internet connection later on. It has fridge, washing machine, study nook, TV, balcony and the my favorite... fold down bed! Oh, someone check a box in my wishlist please! Hopefully my allowance will be deposited on time, so I can pay it and move in by next week! Or else, this unit will slip out of my hand... we do not want that don't we?

Overally... How am I feeling? Truthfully I am nowhere near nervous, probably because class hasn't start yet and I still feel like a tourist at the moment.  I am excited though. I've always have a thing about moving in to new places. And now that I've found an apartment I would like to live in, bought myki card, opened up bank account and even applied for a part time job... I am here for good. Or at least for the next 18 months I am. I hope everything goes well and I can settle down fully before semester 2 comes and my class starts.

I'll try my very best to post regularly during my studies here. I really want my adventures here to be documented well. Let's just hope uni work later on won't be too loaded, or else I'll go through this year being a lazy blogger again. Cheers and have a nice weekend!

xo, Chrisya S.


May 9, 2014

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