September 10, 2014

The sun was up and Melbourne served a really nice weather, so I decided that I wanted to collect them vitamins D and I didn't want to waste the sunlight. I had my list and I decided to cross one of the restaurant listed on my list, so I headed to CBD and looked for Ferdydurke bar. I have no idea why the bar was named Ferdydurke, because that's actually the name of a novel written by a Polish writer Witold Grombowicz. I never read the novel,  but I'm pretty sure it wasn't about a chef or cooking.

Ferdydurke is a little hard to find. Cause even though the listed address is: 239 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, from Lonsdale street you actually need to go into the alley - Tattersalls Lane and then find the side door on the right side of the lane. You'll see the signage on the wall next to the entrance door, just walk in and go up the stairs while you take a look at the many paintings on the wall of the staircase. The interior give away the feeling of 'New York loft', sort of. With the exposed, re-used scaffolding, mixed of bricks and wooden furniture, old and ripped posters on the wall across the bar and tall glass windows.

During daytime there isn't a lot of people, so it's best for you to go up to the third floor to order first, then you can sit in the third floor or if you prefer you can sit on the second floor. I chose to sit on the third floor, on the right side area of the bar because the open windows makes the area brighter and airy, more suitable for me.

Ferdydurke serves a range of beverages, if you are not sure of what to choose you can ask the staff and they'll be willing to suggest a cocktail suitable for your tastes. As for the food, Ferdydurke serves hot dogs + stew + nachos. But mostly... hot dogs. They have Royale, Charles Bronson, Fred Savage, Paul Newman and D.I.Y Dog. You could also ask the staff for daily hot dog special.

I tried The Dirty Furke hot dog; no cocktail cause it was way too early, so I only had a glass of water. The Dirty Furke is a simple frank with cheese sauce and chilli beans (AU$5). It was simple yet delicious at the same time. I wasn't looking for big meal at that hour; I just wanted a place to relax for the afternoon and a small meal to munch while I sit, and Ferdydurke definitely delivered that for me. It wasn't pricey either, so for a student like me it was great finding Ferdydurke.

After few hours in Ferdydurke, I headed back home. But I stopped by Cupp smoothies store for a bit. I chose to try the Nourish Me Cupp blends. It contains: banana, rolled oats, vanilla essence, cinnamon, organic flaxmeal and almonds. It tasted good, but thinking about it, I could (and should just) make this blend on my own; rather than spending AU$7 on 1 cup. But despite that, since it tastes good, you should try at least once? :) Well, that's all for this post. Just keep scrolling down for photos of Ferdydurke interior, The Dirty Furke and Cupp. Until next food adventure in Melbourne, take care!

239 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9639 3750

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