Motel Mexicola

December 17, 2014

The girls landed yesterday late at night and for our first outing we decided to visit the famous Motel Mexicola in Seminyak. We left a little late (forever lazy) and stopped by in Makan Lekker for lunch, afterwards we drove to our intended destination.

It was a very hot day and it adds to the whole vibe of Mexico to our visit. The interior, food and the heat all definitely sent us three to Mexico for few hours. Since we all ate, we only ordered small bites and drinks. We ordered De Pollo Tacos (30k/portion) and a glass of mocktail for each of us. We ordered 3 different mocktail so we could taste all that was on the menu; Maraquya Passion, Unidentified & Mangohito (35k/glass).

The taco... wayyyy too small for the price. We were too surprised at how small it was, that we couldn't even be bothered to judge the taste of it. I mean, how are you suppose to taste something when the portion is as tiny as their serving? As for the mocktails, Monica's and mine was okay, but the best one out of the three was Juni's - Mangohito. All three of us think that Mangohito was the most refreshing and tastiest out of all.

That was all we ordered; yeah we are cheap. We just didn't think it was worth the money to be honest. But we thought it would be a waste to just leave, so we spent almost an hour roaming around the place and taking dozens of photos. We strongly think that Motel Mexicola wins with their detailed interior and decoration. Their game in concept is strong, we cannot argue that. But really this is not the place you would regularly visit, or at least we won't be. Because the price is definitely not student friendly/backpacker friendly.

So we would suggest for you to eat only light meal or order a cup of drink, and spend time taking photo around the place. Cause the colorful, bright and full of pattern decor is definitely instagrammable!

Afterwards, we walked around Seminyak area. We passed by Sea Circus and took photos in front of it for a little while, then continue walking towards Seminyak Square from the shortcut. We decided to end the day by eating early dinner in Bali Bakery in Seminyak Square. Each of us ordered different meal; Bakso ikan for Monica, Hokkien noodle for Juniwise and Chicken Cashew nut for myself. After eating and chatting a bit we headed home. Scroll down to see the many photos we took around the places and check the next post for the other place we visited!

+ Hello Friday girls.

Unidentified - Mangohito - Maraquya Passion

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