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March 23, 2015

If you had followed my blog for some time, then you would know that I've lived alone in Park St, Brunswick previously. Well... after another long and tiresome process, I've gotten another place to live for this semester. But this time I have moved with a fellow classmate (Kim) and her boyfriend (oh and also Momo the cat!).

I fell in love with Brunswick area, so the unit that I've chosen is still in the Brunswick area, just a little bit to the east. It's a two bedroom unit; although it's old, some things are broken but nothing serious, but it's fairly cheap and it fits with all our budget - which is the main purpose of Kim and I moving tbh - financial reasons.

When we did the inspection, I chose the room in front and now that I've settled in, I'm really glad of my choice. My room has a huge window just near the bed and the sun would come through and lights up my whole room all day. Delightful and healthy for me. At night I would roll down the curtain, leaving just a little bit of space below, so every morning the light would leak through and I'd be woken up by the sunlight upon my eyes.

So far, the place has been lovely. Although the main road is only a few walks away, but it's really quiet through the day. I don't have neighbours who fight and no police visiting me early in the morning~ *sigh* And the house and my room is warm even without the heater, and I hope it stays that way during winter :) Kim and her boyfriend has been a very great housemates; we cooked and shared food together, take turns in doing the dishes and watched UFC together. Even Momo is behaving well also (except the two times she clawed me).

Kim and I planned to stay in this place until graduation at the end of this year, I hope it will all go as planned. Cause moving in Melbourne is such a fuss! The amount of effort and paperwork involved in it, is too much for me, especially coming from Indonesia, where you could basically move as frequent as you want and the only thing the landlord requires from you is basically rent money.  Although I understand that this rules and regulations are there to protect both landlord and also the tenant, but I really do hope I never have to go through it again until I'm done with my studies.

(Ooh, and yes... I do have a built-in-robe now. I can hang my coats, cardigans and sweaters with no worries now. And I also have a large drawer by the side of the bed, where I fold and put my other wardrobe and my makeup on top of it.)

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