March 25, 2015

As usual, class ended earlier than scheduled. So I've asked Kim to accompany me in buying a small sling bag, cause I don't have one. Whenever I go out, I would always bring my huge tote bags and it's bothersome. Went to Colette and bought a small black tote bag, so I can use it with any outfit :)

Then we decided to eat early dinner (also a late lunch for me) together and we decided to eat in Taiwan Cafe. On the way, Kim mentioned about the new Korean restaurant that just opened - Oppa (오빠). She couldn't recall where it was though. Turns out... Oppa was right beside Taiwan Cafe! After looking through its menu, we decided to eat in Oppa. I was personally enticed by the front door. It was glass door with black sills and gold Oppa right in the middle of it. I thought it was very simple and yet gave it a sort of 'class'. And through that glass door, you could see the arrangement of the seating inside, arranged towards the back area... as if it's telling you walk in and come inside; very inviting. I mean, compared to the other established stores in Swanston St, Oppa surely pops.

Went in then the staff greeted us, sat down and then they gave us the menu and the order sheet. The waitress doesn't wait around with a notebook to take your order, instead they gave us a sheet and we fill it in with our chosen menu. I know restaurants who does that in Indonesia, but this is the first time in Australia. (I really don't think it's eco-friendly though, printing all those full colour order sheet, only to have customers scribble few numbers on it?)

While waiting for the food to arrive, we looked around and notice the typography poster on the wall behind us and just the whole interior. The restaurant was very clean, I'm guessing that's because it only opened few months back. The lighting and the white wall + small space of mint painted wall made the place very bright. The wooden interior with black frames, is usually something you'll find in other areas of Melbourne. In a cafe or coffeeshop in alleyways, so to find a place with this decor in Swanston St is really interesting.

Food came not long after we ordered. There wasn't anyone else inside when Kim and I arrived, but there were few more 10 minutes after. So we're not sure whether their service has always been as fast, or it wasn't a very busy day for them. Kim and I ordered 도시락 (Dosirak) the Korean beef bulgogi meal bucket (AU$10), Boneless Korean fried chicken with soy garlic sauce (AU$11 - Medium) & K-Popcorn chicken salad (AU$7).

The bulgogi came in a bucket with rice, potato hash? and salad in it. I would've liked it better if they hadn't put the mandarin in the salad, cause it went to the rice and bulgogi also, and I don't really like the tang in my rice. But that's personal preference. Putting aside my preferences though, it tastes good. And they gave decent amount also, I was actually full with that one bucket. I didn't get to taste the K-Popcorn chicken salad, but the Boneless KFC with soy garlic sauce tastes really good! I personally think that one was better than the bulgogi meal I had. The chicken was okay, I've tasted better Korean fried chicken, but the sauce made it better. Also it had chips and tteok in it, which I happen to really like.

Overall, I don't think you should go here if you want an 'authentic' Korean meal. Would I go back? I would, cause I personally think it is a nice place, great environment and vibe. Suitable for you to sit and chat with your friends over small meal. And on top of that it is quite cheap; friendly to your wallet.

Oppa Korean Kitchen
271 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
0421 351 489

Oppa Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Order sheet

Oppa's interior

Oppa's interior / cashier 

K-Popcorn Chicken Salad

Boneless Korean fried chicken with soy garlic sauce

Korean beef bulgogi meal bucket
One selfie wouldn't hurt, right?

Love the typography poster decor!

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