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March 24, 2015

View from the top of Naked For Satan bar

Lawrence and Mira, both my primary - high school friends, are in town! We decided to meet up and spend the day together. Initially, we only talked about eating lunch together, but all of us had nothing planned yesterday... so we ended up hopping from cafe to bar and restaurant around Fitzroy. First, we met up in Addict for (a little late) lunch.

I ordered the White bean salad and shared Coconut/Chia superfood. The salad I ordered was definitely pretty and it actually tasted nice. In the plate there was the white bean, carrot, beet, egg and one other thing I cannot remember. But I didn't like the beet, so I left it and couldn't finish everything on the plate. Lawrence ordered the good ol' Egg's Benedict, which was well... normal. But Mira's order which was potato hash was definitely delicious (Should've ordered that!). It was deep fried potato hash with mushroom and egg on top of it, all placed on top of mash of garlic. Yum! I know~

The desert Mira and I shared was definitely my favourite from all our orders. It was the Coconut/Chia superfood with slices of mango and strawberry and topped with puffed buckwheat. It was really refreshing and the sweetness was not overwhelming, which definitely suits my tongue. And  since it wasn't too sweet, I think I would actually be able to eat another cup, if I wasn't too full from my white bean salad.

Addict's white bean salad

Addict's coconut/chia superfood with mango, strawberry & puffed buckwheat

Naked for Satan's rooftop area

After we finished eating our lunch and chat, we all decided to go for a drink (a little early, but who cares) since we all didn't have any plan for the rest of the day. Mira suggested that we go to Naked for Satan, which was located not too far from Addict.

The interior of Naked for Satan has that industrial look. With lamps hanging from the ceiling and its cable visible to our eyes, unfinished and unpolished decor all around, dim lights. The walls near the staircase heading down to third floor (floor that's dedicated to toilets) is decorated with clippings of naked men and women, strengthen the whole concept of going 'Naked for satan'. For the rooftop, it was quite a nice area. Although it wasn't located in the 60th floor, but it still got quite a view from the top. We could see Fitzroy's surrounding and if you come on the right time you can have the sun setting moment as your view. Too bad it was raining yesterday, so we didn't have that cotton candy sky as our view. In fact, because the rain got a little heavier, we even had to move seats under the roof because of the rain.

As you can see, there are no photos of meal or beverages, cause we only ordered beer. I had the house brew - Naked for Satan Ale. It's a very light beer, suitable for someone like me, who doesn't drink often or only drink in social meeting or gathering. It's not really expensive either, I forgot the price though, but I'm sure a glass or two wouldn't hurt your wallet.

Lawrence and Mira's second glass was finished and we were getting hungry, so we decided to grab dinner together also. First we headed to Popol-nah, a Latin American restaurant in Carlton area. Google said it was open, but unfortunately when we went there it was closed for the day. So we decided to take the bus back to Fitzroy again and head to Jimmy Grants.

Jimmy Grants' Mr. Papadopolous souvas, grain salad, chips, taramosalata

Jimmy Grants is a Greek joint that has branch in several areas in Melbourne, famous for its souvlaki. This is actually one of the restaurant I have on my list, I am glad to be able to cross another one off the list. That makes it 5 down, 46 more to go! 

We 'felt' very hungry (or at least Mira and I did) so we went a little cray when we were ordering. We both had Mr. Papadopolous souvas, while Lawrence had I-forgot-which souvas. We also had Grain Salad, Taramosalata and chips. As you can see from the photo, our food filled the whole table. We actually had to put the cutleries, tissue and sauce in the seat while we were eating. 

The Mr. Papadopolous souvas (AU$9.5) had lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onion and parsley in it. It was actually similar to the one I had in Kalamaki, but this one is a little larger in portion so it was more fulfilling and it wasn't as greasy also. Grain Salad (AU$8.5) is a mix of pulses, nuts, grains, herbs with greek yoghurt on top of it. It tasted okay within the first and second munch, but it gets better. The yoghurt made it tastes even better, addicting in fact! Taramosalata (AU$6) is listed under 'Snacks + Dips' on the menu, but it had no explanation underneath. We googled it and it is actually made from taramas (salted and cured roe of the cod/carp) mixed with either bread crumbs/mashed potato, lemon juice, vinegar & olive oil. Usually eaten with bread and/or raw vegetable (wikipedia). We actually ate it with Pita bread yesterday. And there was also chips (AU$7); I'm sure you all know what that is.

Space wise, it wasn't very spacious or large, but it was packed with people while we were there. There are communal table in the back, but it was full when we came. So we sat in the are in front and tables are small. We were back to back with other customers, people chatting and laughing, the open kitchen let out delicious smell from the back to the front area... but we liked it. The vibe is nice, the food is yummy and on top of that the price is wallet-friendly. Visit Jimmy Grants website and check out the nearest branch.

Addict Food & Coffee
240 Johnston St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065
(03 9415 6420)

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Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065
(03 9416 2238)

Jimmy Grants
113 St David St, Fitzroy 3065

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