Reality of Sisterhood

July 14, 2016

My mother gave me a link to an article that talks about what eldest sibling experiences with their siblings or family members. After reading that article, it got me thinking of my own experiences with my younger sister. So, I decided to write quickly about the reality of sisterhood that I go through - what having a sister actually means. Or at least what in means in our own experiences. 

* * *

1. Having a sister means fighting over the AC temperature every night for years
Other than the 3 years I study for bachelor degree, and the 3+ years she studied for bachelor, and the 2 years I study for Master's... Femme and I shared our rooms for about 15 years!!! That's like 15 years of arguing over temperature, swing and fan power.

2. Having a sister means you agree to share 50% of your outfit for eternity
There has been times where I have planned to wear particular shoes or jeans to go out, and only realizing that those items have been worn by my sister for the day. Vice versa. My sister will be looking for certain dress that I borrowed 2 days ago and is still in the laundry basket.

3. Having a sister means never ending catfight on trivial matters
Me: "Look at this! Isn't this so cute?"
Femme: "No."
Me: *Jumps to the top bunk bed* "WHY NOT?!?" *SMACK*

4. Having a sister means having personal Simon Cowell
My sister and I are honest to each other. A little TOO honest maybe. 

Me: *puts on clothes*
Femme: "You look like a homeless in that outfit" 

Me: *comes out of the shower*
Femme: "Oh my gosh, your hair is so ugly. Sooo ugly"

Me: *puts on dress*
Femme: "You look fat. Look at that belly man..."

Every. Single. Time.

5. Having a sister means you have a rock solid cheerleader
Me: "Will you like my last instragram post please?"
Femme: "Sure"
Me: <3 <3 <3

or like that time she cried for me when I passed my thesis defence only less than a month after our dad passed away. #AWWW

6. Having a sister means handing over tissue when your sister ran out of it in the toilet
Despite the disgusting smell of their poo. 

7. Having a sister means texting each other grocery list daily
This is true. If you scroll on our texts it'd be mostly us texting each other "Do we need anything from Alfamart?" almost every day.

Me: "Do you need anything?"
Femme: "Indomie"
Me: "Ok"
Femme: "And eggs"
Femme: "Don't forget bottled water"
Femme: "And tissue"
Me: "Ok"
Femme: "Thanks"

Best part is when each of us decided to surprise each other with our favourite drink or snack without us asking. 

8. Having sister means you always have prank victim ;)
I prank my sister WAY TOO many times that she has hard time believing me. Like that time I swore to her that the glass she used wasn't washed yet but she didn't believe me, so she drank out of a dirty cup that's been out for 2 days. #LOL

9. Having a sister means you have someone you can mock without hard feelings
Being the current breadwinnner at the moment, my sister always mock me for not paying the rent equally. I'd get back at her by reminding her that time I paid for her dorm and solo traveling trip to Hongkong. #WIN

10. Having a sister means you have someone who will make your winged eyeliner equal

11. Having a sister means you got someone who will constantly mimic you
Femme: "Hey Chrisya"
Me: "Hey Femme"
Femme: "Chrisya!"
Me: "Femme!"
Femme: "Stop mimicking me!"
Me: "Stop mimicking me!"
Femme: "Seriously. This is serious"
Me: "Seriously. This is serious"
...continues on until our Lord Jesus comes for the second time. 

12. Having a sister means you got someone to finish your sentences
I usually provide my sister with the beginning of the sentence too. And the middle parts also. 

13. Having a sister (doesn't) mean food may always be shared together
Me: "Femme I love you as my sister. But I only got very little amount to eat"
Femme: "Just one bite..."
Me: *Gulp down everything* *Licks the bowl*  #WIN

14. Having a sister means fighting over who talks to mom
*Mom sends money*
Chrisya: "MY MOM IS THE BEST!"
*Mom gets mad*
Chrisya: "Femme tell YOUR mom....."

15. Having a sister means you got a personal photographer
I mean... #OOTD post is a must right?!

16. Having a sister means you got LOADS of inside jokes
Like kaki pisang goreng (banana fritter foot), meghan lips, opo tam's clone, etc. (You won't understand any of it, hence the name: 'inside jokes')

17. Having a sister means you got a partner in crime
I love how badass we feel when we do some crazy things together. Like that crazy rollercoaster in USS. #BADASS

18. Having a sister means emotional rollercoaster
Living with your sister doesn't always mean heaven. Some days we'll stick to each other like 'I'll help you hide the body', but other days it'd be like 'Don't stare or breathe in my direction'.

Those are few reality points of sisterhood from Femme and I. This may be relatable to other sisters, it may be not. But that's they beauty of sisterhood. It's a bond you can have only with your own sister. Others may seem similar, but it will never be the same as yours and your sister's. Femme and I go through hard times, but it's more bearable and we can only go through storms in our family because we can laugh it off together (With our mom also)! To every sisters out there, take care of yours with lots and lots love and joy.  Continue to forgive each other no matter how many times you've wronged each other. Sisters... you can't live with them, you can't live without them.

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